Style Guide #120

30 September 2010 Comments: (0)
Beverly Hills Shopping
(Part 2)

The very next day on the 11th, Taylor was seen out and about again rocking this adorable outfit! I must say that I am totally in love with this laid-back look and her Ray-Bans. How does she make style look so effortless? Fortunately for all of my amazing readers, you too can steal this style now! I know I am all set to rock this outfit once it gets colder outside...

Alternative #2 ($17.80): Forever 21 Magic Potion Top

Exact Boots ($70): ALDO Halat Boots

Stay warm in October!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #119

Comments: (2)
Beverly Hills Shopping 
(Part 1)

On September 10th, Taylor was seen looking fabulous and shopping in California, hanging out in sunny LA before the VMAs. As the lover of Urban Outfitters that our girl is, I love how most of this outfit is from Urban and is definitely affordable!

Exact Top ($65): Gypsy 05 Let It Be Tee
Steal Top ($12.80): Forever 21 British Knit Tee
Exact Bag ($39 - NOW ON SALE!): Urban Outfitters Canvas Satchel

lovelovelove -alli-

BLISS Necklace

28 September 2010 Comments: (1)
Jill recently inquired about the necklace Taylor is wearing in the main photos on her website. Those photos are actually from the BLISS magazine photoshoot from November of last year, and as you guys know with fashion, nothing stays in style and online for long! Despite that, I was able to find some other really nice cluster necklaces, just like the one Taylor is wearing at varying prices. Enjoy!

Necklace #1 ($48): Loraine Necklace
Necklace #2 ($198): Ava Cluster Necklace

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #118

27 September 2010 Comments: (0)
NFL Kickoff

On September 8th, Taylor attended the NFL's Play 60 Campaign to fight childhood obesity, and as always was looking absolutely stunning! I adore the dress she wore from Topshop and we are all in luck because when I first found it, the dress was sold out, but now they have more in stock!!! I also found another dress in case this awesome one sells out again. I also plan on finding the outfit she wore during mike check the same day and will edit that guide in here soon. Enjoy!

Alternative Dress ($49.99): The Limited Seamed Dot Strapless Dress

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #117

24 September 2010 Comments: (2)
"Mine" Music Video

I'm sure by now you have all seen the music video for "Mine" and are getting super excited for Speak Now to come out (30 days to go...), so I wanted to start finding the outfits worn by Taylor in relation to the new album. To start, I found the actual sweater Taylor wore in Speak Now promos and in the "Mine" music video. The nice thing is that it's now on sale, but I still found some nice alternatives for you guys!

Exact Sweater ($89.60): Ever Roatan Pullover Sweater
Steal Sweater #1 ($48): Sparkle & Fade Boatneck Tunic
Steal Sweater #2 ($14.99): Delia's Natural Isabelle Scoopneck

There is definitely more to come soon!

lovelovelove -alli-
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