Sorry For Not Posting!

15 March 2010 Comments: (1)
Hey everyone! I'm really sorry I have not posted anything new in a few weeks, but my laptop is pretty messed up right now. Someone is coming to fix it tomorrow so hopefully that makes it all better, but even though it should be working again, on Wednesday morning I leave for Philadelphia because I'm seeing Taylor on Thursday night in concert. I'll be there for a few days without a computer, so I'm not sure when the next time that I get to post will be. Hopefully when I'm there I will get some awesome pictures that I can post here with the splurges and steals from her show attire! Thanks for being such great followers! <3

lovelovelove, Alli

Style Guide #98

03 March 2010 Comments: (0)
Leaving the Hotel in Adelaide, Australia

So, I'm back with another guide! This one took me a little while because I really wanted to find this awesome dress that Taylor wore in Australia, but it was tricky to find. I'm about 99.999% positive that I found the exact dress because the print is exactly the same, but unfortunately we don't have any full photos of the dress without the cardigan, so it's a close call. The more unfortunate part is that the exact shoes are unavailable at this moment and dress in only available in the United Kingdom...lucky you if you don't live in the US, like me! The shoes and cardigan are definitely EXACTS.

Exact Dress (£49.90) : Mango Ditsy Silk Smocking Dress 
Exact Shoes ($99.95): Jeffery Campbell Berry in Grey Black 
Steal Shoes ($58): Deena & Ozzy Wingtip Oxford 

Possibly exact sunglasses ($30): Topshop Temple Detail Sunglasses 

I say possibly exact because it's kinda hard to tell, but Tay does often buy things from Topshop, so it's a definite possibility! Enjoy :]

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