A small update for you all :)

09 November 2009 Comments: (0)
Earlier this year, Taylor was spotted wearing a Yoana Baraschi Heiress Boho Silk Party Dress at an airport in Sydney during her Australian tour.

It is available at http://www.boutiquetoyou.com/ if anyone is interested. It's a really cute sundress. here is a pic:

EXACT dress: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE (Exact color not available)

Also... there are those skinny jeans that Taylor have been seen wearing...

EXACT jeans: Harmony Lane They are $198
Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Paris Hilton was also seen wearing the same jeans.

Hi Everyone!

04 November 2009 Comments: (0)
This is probably my last update. I'm just here to post the guides I did a LONG time ago which I didn't get to post. I thought it will be a waste to just leave them alone and let them all expire. Please still apply for being the new owner! Hope you enjoy them! Here they are:

Style Guide 80

EXACT T-Shirt: Hot UK Deals

Style Guide 81

Dress: Next Eve

Style Guide 82

Dress: Next Eve

Style Guide 83

Horns: Halloween Street
Top: Urban Outfitters
Costume: Costumes Infinity

Style Guide 84

Jacket: American Apparel
Cami: Forever 21
Pants: Splendid

Style Guide 85

EXACT dress: Saucy Style Bargain Bazaar

Style Guide 86

Dress: Windsor

EXACT heels: Bergdorf Goodman

Style Guide 87

Cami: Wetseal
Vest: Bebe
Leggings: Arden B.

Style Guide 88

Top: Bluefly
Jeans: Mod Cloth

Style Guide 89

Dress: NeimanMarcus
EXACT boots: Liberty Boots

Style Guide 90

EXACT skirt: This Next
EXACT boots: iOffer
Top: Banana Republic
Tights: Urban Outfitters

I need a new owner!

14 October 2009 Comments: (4)
Hello everyone. I cannot work on this style blog anymore as I am too busy. BUT if you interested in being the new owner of this blog, please scroll down to the bottom of this blog.

Style Guide 79

03 April 2009 Comments: (3)

EXACT dress (Currently Unavailable): Shop Bop
Shoes: Bluefly
Earrings: Kohls
Bracelet 1: Gifts Catholic
Bracelet 2: Forever 21
Bracelet 3 (choose black): Express

Style Guide 78

Comments: (0)

Dress: Couture Candy
Heels: Endless
Tights: Bloomingdales

Style Guide 77

Comments: (0)

Cardigan: Tobi
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: GoJane
Boots: GoJane
Bracelet: Pink Mascara
Bag: Forever 21


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Hey everyone! Hope you like the 2 new guides. I'm THINKING of getting this site hosted. There's a big chance I will because blogger isn't the ideal place to open a style site. I'm not sure if I should though. Please vote at the poll at the left side. If a lot of people say yes, then I probably will. Meanwhile, I will continue to post guides here.

Also, I need some help! If anyone knows how to do this hairstyle and this hairstyle please donate it! Donate button is just on the right side! I will give you full credit.

(I'm sorry that the link to the bag on the last style guide doesn't work)

Style Guide 76

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Jacket: Zappos
Top: Bluefly
EXACT jeans: TopShop
Boots: Boot Star
Bag: Forever 21

Style Guide 75

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Top (choose radiant red): Old Navy
Cami: Target
Jeans: Arden B.
Boots: Endless

Style Guide 74

31 March 2009 Comments: (7)

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Revolve Clothing
Shoes: Nordstorm
EXACT sunglasses: Fred Flare
EXACT bracelet: Taylor Swift Official Online Store
Bead Bracelet: Shopbop

Style Guide 73

Comments: (0)

EXACT dress: Net-A-Porter
Heels (choose moon gold): Banana Republic
Earrings: Max & Chloe
Bracelet 1: AmiClubWear
Bracelet 2: Forever 21

Style Guide 72

Comments: (1)

Dress 1: Prom Girl
Dress 2: GoJane

Style Guide 71

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EXACT dress: Fashion Chateau
Heels: GoJane


20 March 2009 Comments: (0)
I still got 10 more guides to add on this site. I can't add them today beacause I'm moving houses so i need to help pack up everything- including my computer.
And starting from today, I will be helping out at Miley Cyrus World with their style guides. Ambika (the owner of Miley Cyrus World) also offered to help out at this site as well.
Oh, and i don't think I have told you guys this but I'm a staff at Dress like Demi and Selena. I match Demi's style over there.
I also ordered a new layout at CherryCola. The new layout should be finished by a week.

I also posted 3 style guides today so check them out below.

Please check back everyday to see if there are new guides. Also PLEASE request and/or donate as i said, it really helps.

Style Guide 70

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Dress: eDressMe
EXACT boots: Boot Star

Style Guide 69

Comments: (0)

Dress: Nordstorm
Boots (choose black leather): Endless
EXACT bracelet: Taylor Swift Official Online Store

Style Guide 68

Comments: (0)

Cardigan (choose black): WetSeal
EXACT cami (choose moccasin brown): Zappos
Necklace: Forzieri

More Guides Coming!

19 March 2009 Comments: (0)
More guides will be coming so check back everyday! I still got PLENTY of guides to add to the site :) Also, please Donate or Request because it really helps. If you donate I will give you full credit.

Also you can bid Taylor's cream colored dress here!

Always feel free to leave a comment at the Cbox!

Please visit my Taylor Fansite to get Taylor News.

Style Guide 67

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Top (choose white): WetSeal
EXACT jeans: Arden B.
Boots (choose 22 tan): Sheplers

Style Guide 66

Comments: (1)

Shirt: Thomas Pink
Jeans: WetSeal

Style Guide 65

18 March 2009 Comments: (0)

EXACT coat: Karen Millen
EXACT (brand) heels: Barneys

Style Guide 64

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EXACT dress (go to Collections, Spring Summer 2009, Number 25) [Dress not available to buy yet]: Collette Dinnigan
EXACT heels: Net-A-Porter

Style Guide 63

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EXACT dress (go to Collections, RE08, Number 31) [Dress not available to buy yet]: Kaufmanfranco

Style Guide 62

Comments: (0)

Shirt: Latest Buy
Cami (choose white): Forever 21
Jeans: Wet Seal

Style Guide 61

Comments: (0)

Dress: Free People
EXACT sandals: Neiman Marcus

Style Guide 60

Comments: (0)

Shirt: Cuda Apparel
Pants: Forever 21

Site Stuff

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As you can see, i changed the way i post the style guides. Now I don't have so many pictures taking up so many space! :) I said I would post some guides today so I'm going to do that soon. Stay tuned. And, can you please tell me at the Cbox if you would like more hair and make up guides or I should just focus on the style guides for now. I want to know what you think.

Fixing the site. (Will be back VERY soon)

17 March 2009 Comments: (0)
i figured out that I am using SO much space on this site because there are ALOT of pictures. So i decided to change the way i post my style guides. You can still navigate around the site and give a comment at the Cbox, that's fine.
I might be posting some more style guides tomorrow or later on the day. I made some guides Taylor has worn in some of her MySpace videos and also some of her LOVELY dresses she has worn on the red carpets. I will post them soon.

Style Guide 59

15 March 2009 Comments: (0)

Cardigan (choose white): Forever 21
Dress: Bluefly
Top: Bluefly
Sunglasses (choose black): Old Navy
EXACT sandals: Neiman Marcus

Style Guide 58

Comments: (0)

EXACT blazer (Currently out of stock): Top Shop
Skirt (choose pearl grey): American Eagle
Boots (choose black): Endless
Tights: Figleaves

Style Guide 57

Comments: (0)

Coat: Nordstorm
Dress: Bluefly
Skirt: Bluefly
Socks: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Endless

Make-Up Guide 6

14 March 2009 Comments: (1)

Thanks to Beauty Fool for this! (I added step 5)

1. Apply your foundation. But keep skin dewy so don’t go too crazy with the powder. Too much powder gives a very aging, matte look.

2. Start by applying a pewter shadow (like Girlactik’s Star Shadow in Vintage), or any sparkling gray shadow you may have. Also, add a touch of silver to the inner corners of your eyes for that extra sparkle.

3. Along the crease of your eyelid, apply a softer smoky color like Girlactik’s Star Shadow in Sultry, and line eyes with a black eyeliner.

4. To get a fresh, rosy-cheeked look on face, try a soft pink colored blush with golden undertones, like Nars Super Orgasm.

5. Apply a pink lipgloss.


Hair Guide 9

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Things Needed:
Hair brush
Bobby pins
Curling iron
Hairspray (optional)
1. Hop in the shower and start washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
2. Blow dry your hair or let it air dry.
3. Let your straightener heat up while you brush your hair and get rid of the knots.
4. Start straightening your hair (it doesn’t have to be perfect because you are going to but it into a bun anyway).
5. Grab all of your hair and make a loose (not too loose) low bun and secure it with some bobby pins. (you can see on the left picture that Taylor is holding her bun in with bobby pins.)
6. Slowly and carefully pull out a strand of hair from each side and slightly curl them.
7. To keep everything in place, spray your hair with some hairspray. Finished!

Style Guide 56

13 March 2009 Comments: (0)

Dress: Fashion Chateau
Necklace: Target

Style Guide 55

12 March 2009 Comments: (0)

EXACT dress: Serendipity Prom
EXACT bracelet: Taylor Swift Official Online Store

Style Guide 54

Comments: (0)

Cami: Wet Seal
Jeans: Wet Seal

Style Guide 53

11 March 2009 Comments: (0)

Dress: eDressMe
Tights: Foot Traffic
Heels: Zappos

Style Guide 52

Comments: (0)

EXACT dress: French Connection

Style Guide 51

Comments: (0)

Top: Fashion Chateau
Pants (choose cranberry/white): American Apparel
Bikini: Figleaves

Style Guide 50

Comments: (0)

Top: Click here
Earrings: Click here

Style Guide 49

Comments: (0)

Hoodie (choose blue glare): Click here
Innerwear: Click here
Jeans: Click here

Style Guide 48

08 March 2009 Comments: (0)

Shirt (choose white): Click here
Jeans: Click here
EXACT sandal: Click here

Style Guide 47

Comments: (0)

Jacket: Click here
Innerwear (choose black): Click here
Jeans: Click here
Boots: Click here

Style Guide 46

Comments: (0)

Shirt: Click here
Innerwear: Click here
Jeans: Click here
Shoes: Click here

Style Guide 45

07 March 2009 Comments: (2)

Cardigan: Click here
EXACT skirt: Click here
Cami (choose white): Click here
Heels: Click here
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