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04 November 2009
This is probably my last update. I'm just here to post the guides I did a LONG time ago which I didn't get to post. I thought it will be a waste to just leave them alone and let them all expire. Please still apply for being the new owner! Hope you enjoy them! Here they are:

Style Guide 80

EXACT T-Shirt: Hot UK Deals

Style Guide 81

Dress: Next Eve

Style Guide 82

Dress: Next Eve

Style Guide 83

Horns: Halloween Street
Top: Urban Outfitters
Costume: Costumes Infinity

Style Guide 84

Jacket: American Apparel
Cami: Forever 21
Pants: Splendid

Style Guide 85

EXACT dress: Saucy Style Bargain Bazaar

Style Guide 86

Dress: Windsor

EXACT heels: Bergdorf Goodman

Style Guide 87

Cami: Wetseal
Vest: Bebe
Leggings: Arden B.

Style Guide 88

Top: Bluefly
Jeans: Mod Cloth

Style Guide 89

Dress: NeimanMarcus
EXACT boots: Liberty Boots

Style Guide 90

EXACT skirt: This Next
EXACT boots: iOffer
Top: Banana Republic
Tights: Urban Outfitters


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