French Connection Bag

25 February 2010 Comments: (1)
So I basically want to cry right now because of what I just found, and yet can't buy! As I mentioned before with my Rent The Runway post, I love sites that allow you to get nice designer stuff for cheap. One of my favorite sites for this is called "HauteLook". Anyone can be a member (just click the "not a member?" link under the login) and they always have awesome discounts daily on some really nice designer stuff. I am sad because there is this bag that I have been searching for forever that Taylor was seen carrying for the past few months (between like November and January) that I found they don't sell anymore. I didn't check on HauteLook earlier today, but they were hosting a French Connection sale today, so I just checked and they DID have the exact bag....but it's all sold out now!! It's originally like $118 but the site was offering it for $47...a 60% discount! I'm gonna keep searching for this bag because I am totally in love with it, so I'll keep you all posted if I find it again, but it's sad that I could've had it, and for cheap!


It's called the French Connection Retro Stitch Pleather Zip Top Day Bag and I'm in love!

Style Guide #97

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Taylor's New Photo Blog for February


I was so excited when Taylor posted a new photo blog for her excursions through Australia and Japan (I'm still hoping she'll post a new video blog soon because those are amazing!) In the new pictures, I saw her sporting this awesome asymmetrical dress and just had to find it. Of course it is made by a designer we see Taylor wearing quite often recently, Rebecca Taylor! Enjoy!

Rebecca Taylor Dress ($325): Scarlet Asymmetrical Dress

Style Guide #96

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Arriving at Sydney Airport in Australia


So, I'm very excited about this because a while ago, a reader named Haley asked me where to find this pair of shoes that Tay has been seen wearing so many times and I love them too. Well, among all my numerous fashion searches, I'm pretty sure I have found the exact shoe and Taylor was just seen wearing them again in Australia! I have the splurge exacts here, with the cardigan as an exception because you can just wear any black long boyfriend cardigan and it would totally work in copying Taylor's outfit. 
(I'm gonna try and add some steals soon!)

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I have been playing around with different layouts. Hope you guys like the new set up. Enjoy!

Girls Life Magazine

19 February 2010 Comments: (2)
As you may or may not know, Taylor is the current cover girl for GL Magazine's February/March 2010 issue. In her spread she is featured in a few pictures with amazing clothing that I just had to find!

On the cover all of her clothes are a brand called Jonesy. I searched endlessly, and unfortunately this high end brand is not really sold online, I did, however, find some pretty nice steals! (There is no full picture available that I have been able to find for this shoot, so the skirt is a total guess on my part, which is why one skirt option is tiered and the other is pleated...)

Shirt #1 ($79.50): Lauren by Ralph Lauren Stella Ruffle Cutaway Top 
Shirt #2 ($48): Silence & Noise Ruffle Camisole (thanks Sunnybelle!)

Skirt #1 ($14.99): Alloy Elastic High-Waist Skirt
Skirt #2 ($68): Hanna G Tiered Mini Skirt

Belt ($15): Newport News Patent Belt

Unfortunately the exact belt Taylor is wearing is currently out of stock, but you can still find it here.

For this page of the magazine, I was able to find the exact of all items, and with the exception of the shoes, everything is not too expensive....

Exact Top ($48): Trash & Luxury A La Mode Tank

Exact Leggings ($60): Alexx Jae Milk Basic Leggings

Exact Shoes ($120.69): Irregular Choice Flick Flack Fold Over Button Side Heeled Shoe

The exact necklace is by a jewelry designer named Jenny Dayco, but unfortunately her jewelry is only sold in select locations around California and Texas. You can find the locations here.The locket Taylor is wearing on the cover is also a Jenny Dayco design!

Style Guide #95

16 February 2010 Comments: (1)
Shopping in Armadale in Melbourne, Australia

Taylor is currently in Japan, but when she was on the Australian leg of her 2010 Fearless tour, she took some time out to enjoy some shopping with her mom (I love Andrea!). Her dress is a gorgeous Rebecca Taylor (a designer she seems to be wearing a lot lately), however I could not find the dress in the exact print that Taylor is wearing. The dress here is the exact designer, and I'm pretty sure the exact dress, but it is only available for public purchase in the pink color, not the blue that Taylor has.

Splurge Dress ($495): Rebecca Taylor Blush Corset Dress 

Splurge Shoes ($375): Stuart Weitzman Women's Friller Pump

Steal Shoes ($31.58): Nine West Women's Snowball Peep Toe Slingback

Taylor is also wearing an awesome headband (a brand of headband she wears often! check out all the styles here and see if you can spot some of the other headbands Tay has worn...only downside is some of the really cool ones are over $100!) The one Taylor is wearing here is style "c" in the heart by line, which is reasonably priced at $35. Taylor is wearing the chartreuse/gold colored one.
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