Style Guide #130

15 December 2010 Comments: (0)

Steal Shoes ($59.95): Envy Tango Oxford

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #129

13 December 2010 Comments: (3)

While preforming her special show in the terminal at JFK airport the week of the Speak Now release, Taylor sported this adorable polka dot dress. I tried to find a steal, but unfortunately no one else has anything remotely close to this gorgeous red dress.

Style Guide #128

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With winter almost here, it is getting cold outside, and Taylor has been seen wearing many adorable coats. This is just the first of many posts dedicated to her gorgeous outerware!

Exact Coat ($548): Nanette Lepore Majorelle Boucle Coat - exact color not available
Steal Coat ($34.80): Forever 21 Wool Blend Coat

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #127

12 December 2010 Comments: (0)

I remember trying to find the awesome dress that Taylor wore for the CMT Awards back in June. Back then, the dress was impossible to find, but amidst my random searches today, I came across the exact dress now! It is a bit pricey and I could not find any dresses that were remotely similar, but it is for sale...if you do have an extra $400 laying around!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #126

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Sorry, for the long absence, but my semester got pretty crazy toward the end. No one warned us Junior year was gonna be so hard! Finals are now over and I'm back for good. Be prepared for tons of new updates.

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #125

06 November 2010 Comments: (3)
October 26th = Busy Day!

The 26th was a big day for Taylor, between the Today Show concert, taping a show with David Letterman and performing her second secret performance, she was all over New York City. While going from place to place, Taylor opted for this casual and comfy outfit for the day!

Steal Jeans ($34.95): American Eagle Worn Dark Jeggings
Exact Boots ($995): Sartore Riding Boot
Steal Boots ($45.50): Charlotte Russe Flat Riding Boot

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #124

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Out and About Manhattan

On October 26th, Taylor was seen out and about in New York looking so adorable in a floral dress and killer heels. I absolutely love this as a fall look...very Taylor!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #123

02 November 2010 Comments: (1)
Secret Show in NYC

Last Monday when "Speak Now" was released, Taylor was in New York City for many events. One of these I was lucky enough to attend, so I wanted to make it my first post of all of her outfits from last week. The special concert on Monday and Tuesday in NYC was to film the NBC Thanksgiving Special for television and it was such a great time! Taylor was only there for a short time, but she did perform the acoustic version of "Back to December" a couple times with a full string orchestra behind her.

Looking fabulous as ever, this is such a perfect fall outfit (even though it did get pretty warm in the middle of Central Park that day!) I was able to find exacts of the whole outfit as well as some nice alternatives because some of the pieces are a little pricey. Enjoy!

Steal Top ($75): Hazel Sheer Blouse
Steal Jeans ($15.80): Forever 21 Knit Mock Jeggings
Exact Boots ($448): Cole Haan Air Oleanna Boots
Splurge Boots ($99.95): Ciao Bella Thabbata Wide Calf Boot

lovelovelove -alli-

Response to the CBox!

31 October 2010 Comments: (0)
Hey there!

I just wanted to take the time to respond to everyone who has commented in the cBox lately. I would like to apologize for not posting for a month there, but please try and keep in mind that this site is something fun I do on the side and I am a full time college student. School work can get pretty intense sometimes (I am into my third year...), so I'm sorry if I don't post for a few weeks, but it happens.

Also, I saw that some people asked if I could update some of the older posts with fresh links. I'm gonna start by saying that that will probably not happen. To quote Heidi Klum, "in fashion, one day you're in, and the next you're out"...this applies well to this site, especially since Taylor wears some pretty nice designer brands now. Things do not stay for sale online for long, so it would be hard to find most of the items still available online. I cannot magically make the items become available again because I have no affiliations with any of the stores that I link to on this site. I do provide the service of giving you guys the full names of the clothing items, plus the designers, so if you do want to search for the item on your own (if the link now does not work), you can totally do that through whatever web browser you use!!

I am currently working on finding a bunch of the fashions that Taylor wore this past week, but keep in mind it does take time since I make all the guides by myself. Just be patient and the style gods will shine down upon you!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #122

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Random Picture of the Week

Steal Tank ($6.99): Wet Seal Lace Panel Tank 
Sports Bra #2 ($10.80): Forever 21 Performance Sports Bra

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #121

26 October 2010 Comments: (0)
Random Picture of the Week #1

Hey Everyone! I hope y'all are doing well (especially since Speak Now is officially in stores!!!) I'm here with another random picture guide. I'm still working on finding the outfits from all her recent performances....there are just way too many for me too keep up with on top of all my school work. I forget when this picture is from, but I recently found the same dress. I did not label it as exact because if you look closely, the diamonds at the bottom are slightly different, but it is like the closest possible thing!!! More to come soon....

VERY SIMILAR Dress ($52.99): Hellenic Festival Dress 

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #120

30 September 2010 Comments: (0)
Beverly Hills Shopping
(Part 2)

The very next day on the 11th, Taylor was seen out and about again rocking this adorable outfit! I must say that I am totally in love with this laid-back look and her Ray-Bans. How does she make style look so effortless? Fortunately for all of my amazing readers, you too can steal this style now! I know I am all set to rock this outfit once it gets colder outside...

Alternative #2 ($17.80): Forever 21 Magic Potion Top

Exact Boots ($70): ALDO Halat Boots

Stay warm in October!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #119

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Beverly Hills Shopping 
(Part 1)

On September 10th, Taylor was seen looking fabulous and shopping in California, hanging out in sunny LA before the VMAs. As the lover of Urban Outfitters that our girl is, I love how most of this outfit is from Urban and is definitely affordable!

Exact Top ($65): Gypsy 05 Let It Be Tee
Steal Top ($12.80): Forever 21 British Knit Tee
Exact Bag ($39 - NOW ON SALE!): Urban Outfitters Canvas Satchel

lovelovelove -alli-

BLISS Necklace

28 September 2010 Comments: (1)
Jill recently inquired about the necklace Taylor is wearing in the main photos on her website. Those photos are actually from the BLISS magazine photoshoot from November of last year, and as you guys know with fashion, nothing stays in style and online for long! Despite that, I was able to find some other really nice cluster necklaces, just like the one Taylor is wearing at varying prices. Enjoy!

Necklace #1 ($48): Loraine Necklace
Necklace #2 ($198): Ava Cluster Necklace

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #118

27 September 2010 Comments: (0)
NFL Kickoff

On September 8th, Taylor attended the NFL's Play 60 Campaign to fight childhood obesity, and as always was looking absolutely stunning! I adore the dress she wore from Topshop and we are all in luck because when I first found it, the dress was sold out, but now they have more in stock!!! I also found another dress in case this awesome one sells out again. I also plan on finding the outfit she wore during mike check the same day and will edit that guide in here soon. Enjoy!

Alternative Dress ($49.99): The Limited Seamed Dot Strapless Dress

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #117

24 September 2010 Comments: (2)
"Mine" Music Video

I'm sure by now you have all seen the music video for "Mine" and are getting super excited for Speak Now to come out (30 days to go...), so I wanted to start finding the outfits worn by Taylor in relation to the new album. To start, I found the actual sweater Taylor wore in Speak Now promos and in the "Mine" music video. The nice thing is that it's now on sale, but I still found some nice alternatives for you guys!

Exact Sweater ($89.60): Ever Roatan Pullover Sweater
Steal Sweater #1 ($48): Sparkle & Fade Boatneck Tunic
Steal Sweater #2 ($14.99): Delia's Natural Isabelle Scoopneck

There is definitely more to come soon!

lovelovelove -alli-


26 August 2010 Comments: (0)
Hey everyone!

I just wanted to massively apologize for not being around so much lately. It is the beginning of a new school year for me, so the adjustment has been a little hard, especially since I am living in an on-campus apartment this year and have some pretty rough classes. I will definitely be back posting very soon and have a few guides already made up in photoshop so just bear with me and this site will be back and hopping soon!!

In other Taylor news, I'm sure most of you have heard "Mine" already and I am so in love! I heard the music video leaked online but I am being patient and waiting to watch it tomorrow night when it premieres on CMT. From all the stills and the clip that was posted I am definitely excited about it since I love the song so much. The anticipation for the while CD is killing me, especially since I just pre-ordered the Sparkle Package yesterday...October please come soon! If you did not already know, you can now pre-order the album from Taylor's official online store here. They have some pretty cool packages with little extras that make me even more excited about Speak Now!!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #116

26 July 2010 Comments: (3)
Shopping with Toby

 On July 15th, Taylor was spotted shopping about in West Hollywood with Toby Hemingway, the hottie from her up and coming music video "Mine". She was looking super cute, as always, in this summery outfit. I know I saw the skirt a few months ago online, however, as y'all know, things don't stay on sale for very long, so I was not able to find the exact any more. Also, I know the top is from Urban Outfitters too, but it is also no longer on sale online. If you go to the actual store, you may have luck finding these items on the clearance the mean time, I was able to find some nice alternative options to copy this look.
Delias Skirt ($34.50): Nikkita Floral Skirt 
Forever 21 Skirt ($16.90): Ditsy Floral Skirt in Teal/Red 
Asos Skirt ($13.48): Vero Moda Printed Skirt in Blue 

Guess Corset ($35.99): Brenda Corset 
Kohl's Corset ($24): Energie® Eyelet Camisole 
Anthropologie Corset ($58): Eyelet Corset Top 
Dillards Corset ($29): Takara Strapless Eyelet Corset
Exact Shoes ($60): MEDDLE Crochet Lace Up Shoes

happy shopping and don't forget to keep your calenders marked for August 16th...the day the music video for "Mine" premieres!
lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #115

07 July 2010 Comments: (1)
Shopping for Produce

This past weekend during the American Independence Day long weekend, Taylor was on a tweeting spree, even posting multiple photos of what she was doing. On the 3rd, she showed us all that she went local tomato shopping, wearing a very cute summer sundress...(very appropriate because of the stiffing heat that is hitting the east coast right now!) and now you too can own the dress! I also found a steal because the dress is a bit pricey :]

Steal Dress ($29.99): Brodie Strapless Chambray Dress

I hope all my American readers out there had a fun, safe and celebratory weekend for our country!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #114

20 June 2010 Comments: (0)
random pic #1
Occasionally I come across random pictures of Taylor that I really have no idea where they are from, but I love her outfit anyway! So this is the first or probably many random picture guides that I will post. I found this picture (probably taken a few weeks ago around the time of the CMT awards) and was shocked to find Taylor actually repeating clothing items. I have never seen her wear the same thing twice, so it's fun that the shirt she is wearing here, she also wore a few months ago when she went to Atlantis for spring break with Abigail! Back story aside, enjoy this cute outfit!

EDIT: I have since edited the image because I am pretty positive now that the skirt and bandeau top are the exacts that Taylor wore on this day. I was reluctant about the skirt because it is by Rugby, a brand I had never seen Taylor wear before. Because I have now found a dress she just wore to be an exact by the same brand, so it makes me very confident to say that the skirt here is also Rugby brand and an exact (she probably went on a shopping spree there!)

Steal Skirt ($29.99): Kova and T Polkadot Skirt

Exact Bandeau Top ($15.50): Victoria's Secret Bandeau Tube Top in Cerulean

Sunglasses ($26.00): Fantas-Eyes Quota Sunglasses in Red

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #113

14 June 2010 Comments: (2)
13 Hour Meet&Greet

Yesterday, Taylor managed to show so much love to so many fans by holding a 13 hour long meet and greet during the CMA fest in Nashville. The whole event actually lasted 14.5 hours because Taylor wanted to meet everyone who was given a wristband...amazing! Hearing more and more stories about all of it makes me so sad that I wasn't able to make it, but my awesome friend Emily (whom I have mentioned here before) actually got to attend. She didn't get a m&g, but she was super close to the stage during the live performance and even got to touch her hand!

Anyway, I was watching the live feed most of the day and knew I had to find the gorgeous dress she wore for the event...I don't know how Taylor can own so many floral sundresses, let alone that so many different ones are made! Unfortunately, it should come to no surprise to you guys that I am a poor college student and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I found the exact dress and saw how much it costs. When you see, you'll understand why I found a really nice steal dress for y'all :]

Exact Dress ($1,450.00): Christian Cota Convertible Strap A-Line Dress

Steal Dress ($49.99): The Joy of Gardening Dress

lovelovelove -alli-


13 June 2010 Comments: (1)
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!
(for Haley!)

Taylor has been seen around a lot wearing these really cute sandals (she has the same shoes in teal and tan), in fact, if you were watching the 13 hour long meet and greet going on today, you may have noticed that she is wearing these shoes in the tan color currently! As requested by Haley, I tried my best to find them. I have concluded that the exact brand of the shoe a Kimchi Blue, a brand that is commonly sold at Urban Outfitters, based on the way the T-strap of the sandal goes (It's so so so similar to some other Kimchi Blue sandals that can currently be found online). Unfortunately, things go on and off that site too quickly, so they are probably not being sold anymore (though you may have luck finding them at an actual Urban Outfitters store!)...but I did find some really nice alternative options if you want to build up a nice summer sandal collection, like Taylor has!

happy shopping! 
lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #112

11 June 2010 Comments: (1)
The Lace Top

Taylor has been seen out and about Nashville the past few days, not really surprising though since the CMA Festival began officially yesterday. Earlier this week some lucky fans ran into her walking down the street and another fan bumped into her while driving. What was surprising was that she was wearing the same shirt (just in different colors!) on both occasions!! Lucky for us, I was able to find this wicked awesome shirt including both colors Tay was seen wearing, so now you can steal her style again!

Lace top ($38.00): Free People 3/4 Sleeve Scandalous Lace Top (in Ivory and Tangerine)

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #111

Comments: (1)
Another Dress from the April Vlog
(for Isabella!)
I could only find this really bad picture of Taylor wearing it before a show because screen-capping the vlog is not working for me. Also, I love how I found this picture of Claire (one of Tay's backup dancers) wearing it the day they went frolicking in the ocean in Australia!

It's funny how the world works! When the vlog first came out, this was the one dress that really caught my eye, so at that time, I searched frantically for it...and eventually gave up because I couldn't find anything even remotely close. When Isabella mentioned it again, I knew the exact dress and said "what the heck, I'll look again"...and guess what! I found it! Even better than finding the exact dress is the price of this dress. I may just buy it tomorrow because it's so cute an affordable! enjoy!

Exact Dress ($39.95): Bebe 2b Tiered Party Dress

 lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #110

10 June 2010 Comments: (0)
58th Annual BMI Pop Awards

The night after the NARM Conference, Tay attended the Broadcast Music, Inc. Awards and took home two awards for Song of the Year, one for "You Belong With Me" and one for "Love Story". BMI recognizes her songwriting skills, so I love to see her win awards like this!

I need to go off on a little rant here because I am totally in love with this Alice and Olivia dress that she wore. A few weeks ago I was visiting a friend from school who lives in Syracuse, New York and we went to some of the little boutiques they have downtown. Well, I almost had a heart attack when I saw this exact dress on a mannequin less than a week after Taylor wore it! I just HAD to try it on and I'm so glad I did because it's the most luxurious dress's so sad that it's almost $500 because I die if I owned this (way out of the "poor-college-student" budget)! If you ever get the chance to just try this dress on, do it! It is love :]

Anyway, back to the guide!! I'm attempting to get back to doing splurge vs. steals again, so I hope you like!

Steal Dress #1 ($44.99): Love Tease Prom Dress, Shakira Origami Strapless
Steal Dress #2 ($59.00): Sequin Hearts Strapless Pleated Dress
Steal Shoes ($57.95): Michael Antonio Women's Shyla Platform in Gold

Exact Dress ($484.00): Alice + Olivia Maggie Strapless Dress with Sequin Bodice
Exact Shoes ($785.00): Jimmy Choo 'Buzz' Caged Sandal 

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #109

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The Orange/Pink Skirt!
(for Lauren!)

As all of you probably saw, Taylor showed up randomly one day to Auburn University in Alabama to finally give Ryan and Michael their hugs wearing a rockin' custom-made shirt and an amazing bright skirt! So, from all the pictures and videos I have seen from the event, the skirt appears different colors in every one so I can't quite figure out if it's an orange skirt or if it's more pink...because of this, I have had massive trouble finding an exact match (I do know none of these are exacts because there is some buttoning around the waist that I have not been able to find on any skirt)...but the good news is that I have found four skirts that look very similar and are all pretty affordable!

Skirt #1 ($48.00): Kimchi Blue Circle Skirt
Skirt #2 ($44.99): Basic Principles Skirt in Coral
Skirt #3 ($33.82): ASOS Linen Full Skirt
Skirt #4 ($34.99): L'Orangerie Skirt

Also, it can only be seen in the bottom corner picture, so I believe that Taylor was seen wearing this skirt again just the other day when some girls ran into her on the streets of Nashville!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #108

Comments: (1)
NARM Convention

Taylor attended the 2010 National Association of Recording Merchandisers Convention on May 17th and received the honor of Artist of the Year. As always, she was looking gorgeous, but for the life of me, I cannot find exacts of her dress and shoes anywhere! Regardless, I did find some pretty nice steals for you guys if you want to copy this look. I am personally a very big fan of green (since I have green eyes) so I am in love with this color on her!

Dress #1 ($64.25): ASOS Twisted Slinky One Shoulder Dress in Lime
Dress #2 ($35.50): LnA One Shoulder Elastic Waist Dress in Grass
Shoes #1 ($86.90): Jessica Bennett 'Myla' Sandal in Pewter
Shoes #2 ($59.98): Aldo Kaveney

I've been a busy little bee putting together guides, so more are to come!!!

lovelovelove -alli-

Will be updating soon!!!

29 May 2010 Comments: (1)
Hey all!
I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting lately. My finals just ended last week and I have been working to run graduation at my college this past week, so I haven't been on my computer much at all (very uncharacteristic of me!) I have a bunch of guides already started, many involving all the amazing suggestions you have all posted in the chat box. I also wanted to thank y'all for asking me what you want to see! I definitely read all the messages that are left and do my best to make this site what you want it to be. I will be home for good tomorrow night, so I hope I can have some new guides up as early as then!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #107

16 May 2010 Comments: (0)
More Shopping in New York

Taylor was spotted shopping in New York again yesterday, which is logical considering her tour was just in New York (Long Island to be exact) for the past two night. I was able to see her tour for the third time on Thursday when she was in New Jersey and it was as incredible as always...but I digress. So, I am still searching for a match on the dress. I found a nice steal, but they only offer it in like two sizes and I can't seem to save the picture n my I'm gonna keep looking! In the mean time, I wanted to post the exact shoes for you guys because they are really nice and from AE, so you can easily snatch them up now! I have found the exact purse that Tay has been seen carrying around a lot's by a designer name Gerard Darel and it's really pricey. Also I'm pretty sure they do not sell it in stores so the only hope of getting this exact bag, since it is new, is flaying to Paris to get it (yeah, that's not in my price budget either!) The bag's official name is " Leather Arum BB Bag with flowers", just in case you were wondering!

Exact Shoes ($29.50): AE T-Strap Sandals

happy shopping! 
lovelovelove -alli-

Stylor Guide #106

06 May 2010 Comments: (1)
Shopping in NYC

Just yesterday Taylor was seen shopping around New York City for antiques for her new condo. Why does she always look so amazing when she is just going out shopping?! As always, she was spotted in an amazing Rebecca Taylor dress (clearly a favorite designer!). I am completely in love with her shoes and have yet to find the exact pair, but I found a close match. I'll keep you guys posted if I find the exact pair. On the plus side, her necklace is super affordable from Urban Outfitters!

Exact Necklace ($18): UO Bow Necklace

lovelovelove -alli-

Stylor Guide #105

02 May 2010 Comments: (0)
Shopping in Beverly Hills

On the 16th of April, Tay was seen walking around Beverly Hills in California just shopping with friends. I almost had a heart attack when I saw these pictures because I actually own the same dress in blue. I love when Taylor wears amazing dresses that are actually affordable for all to get! Anyway, unfortunately now the dress is only available in the blue color, not the pink that Taylor has and it is on clearance because American Eagle does not keep clothes on the rack for too long so the sizes are limited, but while you can, I totally recommend snatching this dress up because it is so cute! Oh, and with the headband, the yellow color was totally available for purchase yesterday, so I don't know what happened on the site....

Exact Dress ($29.95): AE Garden Pleat Dress

lovelovelove -alli- 

p.s. My friend Emily has this dress in the pink that Taylor does and almost had a heart attack, too, when she saw this! We both love this dress so much because not only are the straps removable, but it also has pockets!

Style Guide #104

Comments: (1)
Taylor's April Vlog

If you haven't seen Taylor's most recent video blog, you must because it's amazing (the youtube link is here)! I'm in love with every bit of it, especially the song in the background because I love Parachute (the band that sings the song)! Anyway, in the end of the video, Tay is seen wearing this gorgeous dress and I just had to know where it was from...and of course share it with all of you! Enjoy.

Exact Dress ($279): Rebecca Taylor Hammered Satin Frill

lovelovelove -alli-

ACM Awards Show!

18 April 2010 Comments: (0)
Happy ACM day everyone! I don't know about you, but I have been waiting for this night for a while! I'm getting very excited because Taylor is set to perform "Change" in just a few minutes now, but earlier she was on the Orange Carpet looking absolutely stunning in a Marchesa gown from the Spring 2010 collection (it was slightly altered for Tay by filling in the exposed patches and adding a contrasting lilac layer underneath the skirt). Not her usual sparkles, but still totally beautiful!

My fingers are still crossed for Taylor that she wins Entertainer of the Year. You can still vote via text by texting "5" to 81818...make it happen!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #103

Comments: (0)
Radio Interviews in Vegas

While in Vegas for the ACM Awards, Taylor sat down today (well, technically yesterday) to give a few radio interviews. As always, she looked absolutely amazing and I am loving the dress she wore, so I just had to find it for all of you! I love how it even comes with the belt...enjoy!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #102

15 April 2010 Comments: (0)
Taylor Swift leaving The Coffee Bean in Beverly Hills


 Taylor was seen shopping around in L.A. today sporting this fun outfit. I'm very excited because I got this one done quickly (amidst my crazy day!) and even found exacts for this! ps. I am still searching for the shoes!

Exact Shorts ($34.50): AE Destroyed Denim Shortie

I am also working on finding steals for the bag and shirt, so be on the lookout for that this weekend. Enjoy this cute outfit and the gorgeous spring weather outside! 

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #101

09 April 2010 Comments: (0)
Spring Break!

One weekend in the middle of March, Taylor traveled to the Bahamas with her mother, Andrea, and best friend, Abigail to stay at the Atlantis Resort. From the awesome pictures posted on Abigail's Facebook, it looks like they had an amazing and relaxing time! Taylor was seen in two different outfits (or at least pictured in two outfits!) that I have found for you guys to copy!

I am still on the lookout for the exact cardigan because Taylor was seen wearing it again over her sundress on Easter, so I may edit this. 

Bikini Top ($25): Nylon Triangle Bikini Top
Shorts ($29.50): Mercer Twill Shorts

With these cute outfits, we can all now be ready for fun in the sun since the summer months are quickly approaching (at least where I live!) Happy shopping!
lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #100

04 April 2010 Comments: (0)
Bowling with Selena Gomez

On March 23rd, Taylor had some fun at night while bowling with her friend, Selena. You, too, can now copy Taylor's cute bowling outfit (though I'm not sure if I would wear a mini skirt to bowling...)! I'm not truly sure if the tank and shoes are exact, but from the pictures I have examined, they look pretty close (especially the tank because the straps are SO similar). I have not labeled them as exacts, but if I find any more pictures to prove my thoughts, I will change them...Also, she has the same necklace and bag as in style guide #99, like I said there, I have been searching frantically for the exacts so if I find them, I will edit!

Shoes ($14.95): AE Soft Ballet Flat
Bracelets ($11.99 - $12.06): Croft and Barrow® Silver-Tone Beaded Flex Bracelet
Croft and Barrow® Silver-Tone Simulated Turquoise Flex Bracelet
Trifari® Pearl and Crystal Flex Bracelet

Enjoy, and p.s...this is our 100thstyle guide! I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty excited!

lovelovelove -alli-

Style Guide #99

03 April 2010 Comments: (0)
Lunch at The Farm on March 24th

While in LA two weeks ago, Taylor went out to lunch with the other Taylor (not sure why!) dressed in some really cute American Eagle pieces. These are all easily accessible for the average wallet, so definitely a style that can be exactly stolen for no high costs because it's already a steal! I've been searching like crazy for the exact necklace and bag because she has been seen with both of these pieces multiple times lately, but so far I have been unsuccessful. I will update my post if I do find exacts!

Exact Top ($19.50): AE Crochet Trim Tank
Exact Skirt ($29.95): AE Braided Band Skirt
Exact Belt ($19.50): AE Skinny Braided Lurex Belt
Necklace ($5.80): Forever 21 Paddle and Charms Necklace
Bag ($88): TWO IN Tassel-Accent Faux-Leather Tote

Happy shopping! And I have many more guides to come!

lovlovelove -alli-

Back With Vengance!

02 April 2010 Comments: (0)
Hey everyone! I am so sorry for being absent for so long! School can get crazy sometimes. Anyway, I am back and hope to be updating a lot more since Taylor has been seen out and about in many places recently, so I have tons of style guides for those sightings!

Also, as you may or may not know, Taylor is up for four ACM awards, including the coveted Entertainer of the Year. This year the ACM is doing things a bit differently and has TEN nominees for this award and is also allowing the public to vote! Taylor has always been so good to us fan, so it's the least we can do to give her a vote for this awesome award. Just click here to be taken to the do need to register to vote, but it only takes like a minute. (Thanks so much to Hong and Mo from AT for these banners!)

Taylor is also on the list as one of TIME Magazines 100 Most Influential People of 2010. If you go here, you can vote...she is currently at the #32 spot on the list, right behind James Cameron. If you have the time, give Taylor a quick vote!

Also, be sure to tune into the ACM Awards on April 18th because it was just announced that Taylor will be performing that night because of her EOTY nomination!

lovelovelove -Alli-

Sorry For Not Posting!

15 March 2010 Comments: (1)
Hey everyone! I'm really sorry I have not posted anything new in a few weeks, but my laptop is pretty messed up right now. Someone is coming to fix it tomorrow so hopefully that makes it all better, but even though it should be working again, on Wednesday morning I leave for Philadelphia because I'm seeing Taylor on Thursday night in concert. I'll be there for a few days without a computer, so I'm not sure when the next time that I get to post will be. Hopefully when I'm there I will get some awesome pictures that I can post here with the splurges and steals from her show attire! Thanks for being such great followers! <3

lovelovelove, Alli

Style Guide #98

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Leaving the Hotel in Adelaide, Australia

So, I'm back with another guide! This one took me a little while because I really wanted to find this awesome dress that Taylor wore in Australia, but it was tricky to find. I'm about 99.999% positive that I found the exact dress because the print is exactly the same, but unfortunately we don't have any full photos of the dress without the cardigan, so it's a close call. The more unfortunate part is that the exact shoes are unavailable at this moment and dress in only available in the United Kingdom...lucky you if you don't live in the US, like me! The shoes and cardigan are definitely EXACTS.

Exact Dress (£49.90) : Mango Ditsy Silk Smocking Dress 
Exact Shoes ($99.95): Jeffery Campbell Berry in Grey Black 
Steal Shoes ($58): Deena & Ozzy Wingtip Oxford 

Possibly exact sunglasses ($30): Topshop Temple Detail Sunglasses 

I say possibly exact because it's kinda hard to tell, but Tay does often buy things from Topshop, so it's a definite possibility! Enjoy :]

French Connection Bag

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So I basically want to cry right now because of what I just found, and yet can't buy! As I mentioned before with my Rent The Runway post, I love sites that allow you to get nice designer stuff for cheap. One of my favorite sites for this is called "HauteLook". Anyone can be a member (just click the "not a member?" link under the login) and they always have awesome discounts daily on some really nice designer stuff. I am sad because there is this bag that I have been searching for forever that Taylor was seen carrying for the past few months (between like November and January) that I found they don't sell anymore. I didn't check on HauteLook earlier today, but they were hosting a French Connection sale today, so I just checked and they DID have the exact bag....but it's all sold out now!! It's originally like $118 but the site was offering it for $47...a 60% discount! I'm gonna keep searching for this bag because I am totally in love with it, so I'll keep you all posted if I find it again, but it's sad that I could've had it, and for cheap!


It's called the French Connection Retro Stitch Pleather Zip Top Day Bag and I'm in love!

Style Guide #97

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Taylor's New Photo Blog for February


I was so excited when Taylor posted a new photo blog for her excursions through Australia and Japan (I'm still hoping she'll post a new video blog soon because those are amazing!) In the new pictures, I saw her sporting this awesome asymmetrical dress and just had to find it. Of course it is made by a designer we see Taylor wearing quite often recently, Rebecca Taylor! Enjoy!

Rebecca Taylor Dress ($325): Scarlet Asymmetrical Dress

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