Style Guide #111

11 June 2010
Another Dress from the April Vlog
(for Isabella!)
I could only find this really bad picture of Taylor wearing it before a show because screen-capping the vlog is not working for me. Also, I love how I found this picture of Claire (one of Tay's backup dancers) wearing it the day they went frolicking in the ocean in Australia!

It's funny how the world works! When the vlog first came out, this was the one dress that really caught my eye, so at that time, I searched frantically for it...and eventually gave up because I couldn't find anything even remotely close. When Isabella mentioned it again, I knew the exact dress and said "what the heck, I'll look again"...and guess what! I found it! Even better than finding the exact dress is the price of this dress. I may just buy it tomorrow because it's so cute an affordable! enjoy!

Exact Dress ($39.95): Bebe 2b Tiered Party Dress

 lovelovelove -alli-


Lena ♥ said...

Cute! Thanks so much for your blog, it's awesome :) Did you still want to be affiliates, or whatever? LOl ;) just leave a msg in my cbox or a comment on one of my posts and let me kno :)

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