Style Guide #114

20 June 2010
random pic #1
Occasionally I come across random pictures of Taylor that I really have no idea where they are from, but I love her outfit anyway! So this is the first or probably many random picture guides that I will post. I found this picture (probably taken a few weeks ago around the time of the CMT awards) and was shocked to find Taylor actually repeating clothing items. I have never seen her wear the same thing twice, so it's fun that the shirt she is wearing here, she also wore a few months ago when she went to Atlantis for spring break with Abigail! Back story aside, enjoy this cute outfit!

EDIT: I have since edited the image because I am pretty positive now that the skirt and bandeau top are the exacts that Taylor wore on this day. I was reluctant about the skirt because it is by Rugby, a brand I had never seen Taylor wear before. Because I have now found a dress she just wore to be an exact by the same brand, so it makes me very confident to say that the skirt here is also Rugby brand and an exact (she probably went on a shopping spree there!)

Steal Skirt ($29.99): Kova and T Polkadot Skirt

Exact Bandeau Top ($15.50): Victoria's Secret Bandeau Tube Top in Cerulean

Sunglasses ($26.00): Fantas-Eyes Quota Sunglasses in Red

lovelovelove -alli-


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