Style Guide #109

10 June 2010
The Orange/Pink Skirt!
(for Lauren!)

As all of you probably saw, Taylor showed up randomly one day to Auburn University in Alabama to finally give Ryan and Michael their hugs wearing a rockin' custom-made shirt and an amazing bright skirt! So, from all the pictures and videos I have seen from the event, the skirt appears different colors in every one so I can't quite figure out if it's an orange skirt or if it's more pink...because of this, I have had massive trouble finding an exact match (I do know none of these are exacts because there is some buttoning around the waist that I have not been able to find on any skirt)...but the good news is that I have found four skirts that look very similar and are all pretty affordable!

Skirt #1 ($48.00): Kimchi Blue Circle Skirt
Skirt #2 ($44.99): Basic Principles Skirt in Coral
Skirt #3 ($33.82): ASOS Linen Full Skirt
Skirt #4 ($34.99): L'Orangerie Skirt

Also, it can only be seen in the bottom corner picture, so I believe that Taylor was seen wearing this skirt again just the other day when some girls ran into her on the streets of Nashville!

lovelovelove -alli-


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