Style Guide #113

14 June 2010
13 Hour Meet&Greet

Yesterday, Taylor managed to show so much love to so many fans by holding a 13 hour long meet and greet during the CMA fest in Nashville. The whole event actually lasted 14.5 hours because Taylor wanted to meet everyone who was given a wristband...amazing! Hearing more and more stories about all of it makes me so sad that I wasn't able to make it, but my awesome friend Emily (whom I have mentioned here before) actually got to attend. She didn't get a m&g, but she was super close to the stage during the live performance and even got to touch her hand!

Anyway, I was watching the live feed most of the day and knew I had to find the gorgeous dress she wore for the event...I don't know how Taylor can own so many floral sundresses, let alone that so many different ones are made! Unfortunately, it should come to no surprise to you guys that I am a poor college student and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I found the exact dress and saw how much it costs. When you see, you'll understand why I found a really nice steal dress for y'all :]

Exact Dress ($1,450.00): Christian Cota Convertible Strap A-Line Dress

Steal Dress ($49.99): The Joy of Gardening Dress

lovelovelove -alli-


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love you! It's like you read my mind- I was dying to know where this dress was from and then I knew you would eventually figure it all out for me.... your site is fantastic!!!!

love love, M

Anonymous said...

the headband she wore to the meet & greet was from Anthropologie!! It is on sale now for $19 from $32!

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