Style Guide #107

16 May 2010
More Shopping in New York

Taylor was spotted shopping in New York again yesterday, which is logical considering her tour was just in New York (Long Island to be exact) for the past two night. I was able to see her tour for the third time on Thursday when she was in New Jersey and it was as incredible as always...but I digress. So, I am still searching for a match on the dress. I found a nice steal, but they only offer it in like two sizes and I can't seem to save the picture n my I'm gonna keep looking! In the mean time, I wanted to post the exact shoes for you guys because they are really nice and from AE, so you can easily snatch them up now! I have found the exact purse that Tay has been seen carrying around a lot's by a designer name Gerard Darel and it's really pricey. Also I'm pretty sure they do not sell it in stores so the only hope of getting this exact bag, since it is new, is flaying to Paris to get it (yeah, that's not in my price budget either!) The bag's official name is " Leather Arum BB Bag with flowers", just in case you were wondering!

Exact Shoes ($29.50): AE T-Strap Sandals

happy shopping! 
lovelovelove -alli-


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