Stylor Guide #106

06 May 2010
Shopping in NYC

Just yesterday Taylor was seen shopping around New York City for antiques for her new condo. Why does she always look so amazing when she is just going out shopping?! As always, she was spotted in an amazing Rebecca Taylor dress (clearly a favorite designer!). I am completely in love with her shoes and have yet to find the exact pair, but I found a close match. I'll keep you guys posted if I find the exact pair. On the plus side, her necklace is super affordable from Urban Outfitters!

Exact Necklace ($18): UO Bow Necklace

lovelovelove -alli-


Haley said...

a total steal for this dress! I just got it and I feel like its the same. I love it and paired the uo bow necklace with it. the dress is super cute and such a good price, so its called trifle and tea dress at lulus :)

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