French Connection Bag

25 February 2010
So I basically want to cry right now because of what I just found, and yet can't buy! As I mentioned before with my Rent The Runway post, I love sites that allow you to get nice designer stuff for cheap. One of my favorite sites for this is called "HauteLook". Anyone can be a member (just click the "not a member?" link under the login) and they always have awesome discounts daily on some really nice designer stuff. I am sad because there is this bag that I have been searching for forever that Taylor was seen carrying for the past few months (between like November and January) that I found they don't sell anymore. I didn't check on HauteLook earlier today, but they were hosting a French Connection sale today, so I just checked and they DID have the exact bag....but it's all sold out now!! It's originally like $118 but the site was offering it for $47...a 60% discount! I'm gonna keep searching for this bag because I am totally in love with it, so I'll keep you all posted if I find it again, but it's sad that I could've had it, and for cheap!


It's called the French Connection Retro Stitch Pleather Zip Top Day Bag and I'm in love!


Anonymous said...

hi i was just wondering if there is anywhere i can buy this bag i have looked everywhere on the iinternet but i cant find it? thanks :)

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