Make-Up Guide 6

14 March 2009

Thanks to Beauty Fool for this! (I added step 5)

1. Apply your foundation. But keep skin dewy so don’t go too crazy with the powder. Too much powder gives a very aging, matte look.

2. Start by applying a pewter shadow (like Girlactik’s Star Shadow in Vintage), or any sparkling gray shadow you may have. Also, add a touch of silver to the inner corners of your eyes for that extra sparkle.

3. Along the crease of your eyelid, apply a softer smoky color like Girlactik’s Star Shadow in Sultry, and line eyes with a black eyeliner.

4. To get a fresh, rosy-cheeked look on face, try a soft pink colored blush with golden undertones, like Nars Super Orgasm.

5. Apply a pink lipgloss.



Renee said...

She;s so beautiful. I'm glad you found my post useful! :) Love Taylor, I think she's a great role model for young girls.


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