Make-Up Guide 5

04 March 2009

Things needed:
Light Pink Blush
Green base primer
Lime green eyeshadow
Green eyeshadow
Black eyeliner
Eyelash curler (optional)
Clear ligloss
1. Use a concealer to cover any blemishes you have and then apply a foundation that matches your skintone. Blend it in well.
2. Using a large bushy brush, sweep on some light pink blush onto your cheekbones.
3. Apply a green base primer to your eyelids to brow bone and lower lashline. Blend.
4. Then apply a lime green eyeshadow on your eyelids and lower lashline and a darker shade than lime green to your outer corners of your eyes.
5. Apply a soft green eyeshadow onto your browbone.
6. Apply black eyeliner thickly onto your upper lashline and a thin layer on your lower lashline.
7. Apply some black mascara thickly on your top and bottom lashes. If you would like your eyelashes more dramatic looking, curl your eyelashes first with an eyelash curler.
8. Apply some clear ligloss onto your lips and you are done! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

what a chonga

Anonymous said...

i love u taylor swift and i think u r drop dead beutiful never change i dont really like ur new hair cut but its growing on me!!!!

your biggest fan,

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