20 March 2009
I still got 10 more guides to add on this site. I can't add them today beacause I'm moving houses so i need to help pack up everything- including my computer.
And starting from today, I will be helping out at Miley Cyrus World with their style guides. Ambika (the owner of Miley Cyrus World) also offered to help out at this site as well.
Oh, and i don't think I have told you guys this but I'm a staff at Dress like Demi and Selena. I match Demi's style over there.
I also ordered a new layout at CherryCola. The new layout should be finished by a week.

I also posted 3 style guides today so check them out below.

Please check back everyday to see if there are new guides. Also PLEASE request and/or donate as i said, it really helps.


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