Hair Guide 1-Love Story

18 February 2009

Things needed:
1 inch Curling Iron
Straightener (optional)
Bobby pins
Shampoo and Conditioner
1. Wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner.
2. Blow dry your hair or let it air dry.
3. Use a comb or hairbrush and brush your hair making sure there are no knots.
4. Separate all your hair (except bangs) into small sections. (Clip back the hair you are not working on.)
5. Part your bangs to the left and straighten them if they are not straight.
6. Curl each section holding the curling iron vertically and near your scalp (careful not to burn yourself) and wrapping your hair around the curling iron making sure the ends are wrapped around as well. Carefully take the curling iron out without releasing the hair that you have rolled up the curling iron. Secure the rolled up hair with a bobby pin. Do this to all of your hair until all the hair in the back of your head are full of rolled up curls.
7. Carefully pull out a small strand of hair each from the left and right side and curl them if they are not curly.
8. If you would like to, put on a headband like Taylor.
9. To hold the look, spray your hair with some hairspray. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

thanks hope i can get my hair to look like this updo for prom:)

Anonymous said...

wow thanks. always wanted to do my hair like taylor's :D

Anonymous said...

this looks great!! hopefully it makes me look good for my pageant!

Anonymous said...

So excited!!! Halloween costume hairdoo!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

omg i want o get tis done for my yr 8 ball

kaila powell said...

hmm i have super fine thin hair and i dont have enough hair to do my whole head pinned with curls... any suggestions? again i have super thin hair and i dont have much and stuff and idk wat to do about it. will it look weird if the curls are pinned sorta away from each other in diff sections?

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