ACM 2011 Voting....

03 April 2011
Hey fellow Swifties!

So the ACMs are almost here! There are still precious hours left to vote for Taylor for Entertainer of the Year, so make sure that if you haven't voted already, do so now!! We definitely want to help Taylor win this one, especially since she loves fan voted awards. The voting is open until 11am EST so get your votes in now!

Also, don't forget to tune into the awards show tonight at 8pm EST on CBS!!! There will be a second voting period during the show where you are able to text your vote for Taylor. Details for this will be given at the start of the awards show.

Just a reminder that you can only vote once per method, per person. Any duplicate votes will be disqualified, and that just mean less votes for Taylor... (and we all know we don't want that!!!) So only vote once online, and once via text during the awards show and we can help Taylor win! She even tweeted tonight to remind us all to vote if we haven't....

I'm so looking forward to see what Taylor will be wearing tonight. I loved the lilac purple dress from last year (gosh! that was a year ago?!?!) so this year should be exciting! I'll keep y'all posted with the fashions!

lovelovelove -alli-


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