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30 January 2010
Hello Fashionistas!

I wanted to let you all in on a little secret on snagging some amazing designer dresses, even some that Taylor has been seen in! It is a website I found a few months ago called "Rent The Runway", a project started by two girls at Harvard Business School. The site is designed so that you can rent a dress by an amazing designer for an occasion for as low as $50! It's pretty amazing considering most of us buy dresses for school dances and only wear them once anyway, so now you can score a $500 dress and be the most amazing girl at the shindig, while spending less than you would if you bought a dress in a department store.

The site currently includes a Tracy Reese dress that Taylor was seen wearing on August 20th when in London that you can rent for any occasion for just $50.

They also are currently in the works of getting some Rebecca Taylor dresses, quite possibly the gorgeous blue bow dress from my last post!

All you have to do is go to, and sign up! You will be put on an email list, and be granted access within just a few hours, and then it is happy renting! Definitely a smart idea for those of us that can't spend tons of money but still want to look fabulous!


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